Top Tips for Sellers

Our complimentary valuation is carried out by experienced valuers with in-depth knowledge of the local property market, the local area and the lifestyle it has to offer.

Our agents will be focused on selling your property by fielding enquiries by phone, online or in person. We’ll provide accompanied viewings (as per your instruction) and meet and greet potential buyers in our offices. We provide property particulars on request, but key to the success of our efforts are yours. Below are eight things that you, the seller, can do to help your property sell quickly, so let’s start with the outside…

1. Kerb appeal

The buyer’s ‘drive past’ is a well-known strategy! If a potential buyer is doing their recce, then the chances are they’ll be looking to organise a viewing soon.

Take a critical view of the outside of your property: remove anything unnecessary from outside, make sure the windows are clean and that the blinds, shutters or curtains look pristine from outside. Does the front door look story-book smart? Consider a new welcome mat, some seasonal planting, maybe some plants in coloured pots by the front door. Look critically at the outside of your property as if through someone else’s eyes and think about how to make it look as attractive as possible.

2. First impressions

You know the rule: it takes less than a minute for potential buyers to make up their mind about a property. So, once they’ve stepped over that threshold, whatever greets them will be a deciding factor. Rethink that threshold space, give it a washdown with sugar soap or give it a coat of paint if necessary; keep it tidy, clean and welcoming with a strong focal point.

3. Declutter

First-impressions matter. Tackling that accumulated domestic clutter the weekend before the first viewing is not the way to go!
Most buyers are looking for more space, and even those downsizing will be concerned about space and storage. Make sure your home looks as spacious and storage-efficient as possible

4. Storage

It may be a good idea to remove any excess furniture and large items from the living areas and store them in a shed, garage or even a rented self-storage unit.

5. Cleanliness

Clean, clean and clean again. A lot of buyers will be put off because the property is not clean. Make sure your property is sparkling clean and that it smells welcoming too, you don’t want to push potential buyers away.

6. Lighting

All buyers will be looking for good lighting throughout the property. Kitchen and bathroom lighting should be bright and welcoming, and you should make sure all the light bulbs throughout the property are working before any viewings go ahead

7. Photos

The photographs the agent takes of your property will be viewed by most prospective buyers. Before booking any viewings, the buyers’ first contact with your property will be these photos. So, take the time to look critically at your property and make it as attractive as possible, with a lick of paint here and there or a wash-down to brighten up paintwork. Small things can make a big difference before the agent comes to take the photos.

8. Viewing

Be confident, relax; your property is looking pristine now. Everything’s in order and tidy, and it feels, looks and smells like the sort of property you’d want to buy! From now on, the property itself will do most of the work for you. Be friendly towards your prospective buyers and let your agent do the rest of the selling for you.

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